EU-citizens - Let’s vote!

Are you an foreign EU citizen, living in the Netherlands? Pay attention!

17 apr. 2024
Grote Volt vlag met mensen

You are one of the 650,000 other foreign EU citizens living in the Netherlands. More than any other, you understand what the EU does for you. You can benefit from the fundamental rights of the Union: you may travel, work and live wherever you want in our common space. 

But you also experience the difficulties living and working abroad, such as the divergence between the pension systems, the enforcement of your social rights, the hurdles to find a decent accommodation or the impossibility to vote for national elections (despite the fact that you pay your taxes here). 

Did you know that as an EU citizen you can vote in the European elections? You can vote for a party in your home country or for a party in the country you live in.  

Register on time

To be able to vote in the Netherlands, you need to register at your municipality before the closing date for registration on 23 April 2024. Some municipalities offer their registration procedure online, via DigiD. Some municipalities require you to fill in the declaration of voting for the European Parliament in the Netherlands and return it to their municipality with a copy of a valid identity document. If you do this, you will automatically receive your Dutch stempas by mail and be able to vote in the stemlokaal of your choice.

More info on EU citizens voting rights:

Why you should vote for Volt

Volt believes that the challenges we face this century, such as climate change, migration and economic inequality, go beyond national borders. We believe the European Union must tackle global problems that no single EU country can solve alone. Volt is the only European party and therefore the most suited to protect and improve the rights of mobile EU citizens. 

We propose:

  1. More rights and benefits for mobile EU citizens

    • Volt wants to ensure more people can benefit from the freedom of movement across the EU by standardising qualifications between countries and guaranteeing the same social support to all EU workers e.g. for pension plans, sick leave, childcare benefits.

  2. Create a true EU democracy

    • Volt supports a vision of a democratic Europe working together to address our shared problems. We want to establish voting rights for national elections for EU mobile citizens after 24 months in the country of residence, and create a permanent European Citizen Council. We also advocate for a European public Netflix and for abolishing geoblocking, so that you can enjoy the programmes of your home country wherever you are in the EU.

  3. Peace and security

    • Volt wants to build a Europe that can defend itself. By voting for Volt, you vote for European armed forces under parliamentary control and jointly purchased weapons. Volt also strives for having a European foreign minister.

Take a look at all our proposals here

Spread the news!

Volt is the only true pan-European party. We aim for integrating the international character, thinking across borders, and promoting European democracy to everyone. And we want to give equal opportunities and representation to all EU citizens. 

That's why we are currently running a campaign “EU citizens - Let’s vote!” to inform foreign EU citizens living in the Netherlands and encourage them to vote during the next European elections. Help us by telling your foreign friends to register and vote!