European Parliament Elections 2024 – How to vote

This year, we can once again head to the polls! On June 6, 2024, we will be voting for the European Parliament. The European Parliament represents European citizens and influences EU legislation and policies - making it very important! Read below how you can vote in these elections.

25 jan. 2024
The European Parliament, which you can vote for in 2024.

I live in the Netherlands, and I have a Dutch passport

As a Dutch citizen, you will receive a voter card in your mailbox no later than two weeks before June 6, and you can proceed to vote. You don't need to do anything else! 

I live in the Netherlands, but I don't have a Dutch passport

If you are an EU citizen from another member state residing in the Netherlands, you do not automatically receive a voting pass. You must register by April 23, 2024, which is 44 days before the elections. To do this, you need to fill out and submit the Y 32 form to the municipal office.

I am temporarily abroad, I have a Dutch passport and am registered in the Netherlands

If you are a Dutch citizen temporarily residing abroad but still registered in the Netherlands, you can vote by mail, or you can authorize someone else to vote on your behalf. Keep in mind that the authorization form must be submitted no later than five days before the elections.

I live abroad, but I have a Dutch passport

For Dutch citizens permanently residing abroad, it is also possible to vote in the European Parliament elections. To do this, you need to register ASAP as a 'Dutch voter abroad' with the municipality of The Hague

With this registration, you will automatically receive the appropriate documents for the elections for the House of Representatives, the European Parliament, and the electoral college for non-residents for the Senate.