Een groep Volters met Volt vlaggen op fietsen. Ze staan voor het 1 German - Netherlands corps gebouw.

Volt Bike Challenge Amsterdam to Berlin

27 apr. 2024 08:00 - 22:00
Amsterdam - Berlin

Do you like a challenge?

On June 6-9 2024 the Elections for the European Parliament will be held. We share Damian Boeselager’s ambition to increase the number of Volt MEP’s from 1 to 25. In order to get more attention to our Pan-European scope we would like to challenge all Volt members and supporters to join us in a 10 days event. Biking, bonding and celebrating from Amsterdam to Berlin.

During this event we want to show that cycling is a good alternative for the car, going to work or college. At the same time we want to make Volt more visible to the public.

All chapters of Volt along the route will collaborate in the organisation. We invite all chapters in Europe to take part.

  • The event will take 10 days (Sunday till Tuesday the week after)

  • 9 days of cycling and a closing event in Berlin (in total 696 Km)

  • Campaign event in every chapter we’ll pass.

  • Bikes available for all participants. (will be brought back to Amsterdam after the event.

  • Participants will be hosted between the stages.

  • Medical First Aid and Technical Aid will be provided.

  • 1 day of Campaigning in Berlin (or longer until Europe Day, May 9)

  • Average of 5 hours biking per day (70-80 km)

  • Saturday the 27th of April is Kingsday in the Netherlands, so it’s a nice day to arrive in Amsterdam. Wear something orange an you can easely blend in with the locals.

  • The organization will take place under the responability of Volt Europe, Volt Netherlands and Volt Germany.

  • Route: Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Enschede, Osnabrück, Minden, Hannover, Braunschweig, Magdeburg, Brandenburg and Berlin.

Stage to Date:

  • Amsterdam Dam 27 April 2024

  • Apeldoorn 28 April 2024

  • Enschede 29 April 2024

  • Osnabrück 30 April 2024

  • Minden 01 May 2024

  • Hannover 02 May 2024

  • Braunschweig 03 May 2024

  • Magdeburg 04 May 2024

  • Brandenburg 05 May 2024

  • Berlin Unter den Linden 06 May 2024

  • Closing Activities 07 May 2024

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